Love Languages II


1. Words of Affirmation

Occasionally, for no other reason than love, email or text a random note of affirmation to your significant other during the day or when one of you is traveling. There’s nothing better than opening an email and realizing it’s personal—not work-related or spam!
2. Acts Of Service

If you attend a church, volunteer to help with their summer youth program (Ex: KI Seminar). Churches are always needing extra hands to help out, or even items donated, and this can be a great way to get involved while serving others.
3. Receiving Gifts

Keep a running list of your friends’ “favorites” on your phone or mobile device. If you notice they’re having a hard day or week, pull up your list and see if you can find a a little something to give them that will brighten their day.
4. Quality Time

When was the last time you asked your mom or dad out for a meal or made them dinner? Ask one (or both) of them if they have a free night coming up and treat them to some quality time and food.
5. Physical Touch

As your spouse is telling you about a hard day or something that was upsetting, stroke her hair or rub his back—maybe even offer a massage. This soothing action will help calm and reassure your spouse that he or she is valued. 
– Dr. Gary Chapman


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