1. Words Of Affirmation

*Make a game out of learning how to say “I love you” or other expressions of affirmation in different languages with your family or other loved ones in your life. See how many different phrases you can learn.

2. Acts Of Service

*Occasionally wake up a half-hour earlier than normal to prepare a special breakfast for your spouse and/or children. This will help everyone start the day off on the right foot.

3. Receiving Gifts

*Encourage your child to put together a “special things” box or drawer where he can keep significant items that have been given to him or collected. If you buy a clear box you can even let him or her decorate it for added fun. 

4. Quality Time

*On a rainy day, make your spouse a cup of tea and spend some time catching up or just sitting in the same room and reading quietly, each with your own book. Taking time to slow down and spend time together goes a long way in staying connected.

5. Physical Touch

*When you greet or say goodbye to your children, gather them into your arms and hold them. Not only does this help fill up their love tank, but it also communicates that you are going to miss them during the day.


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