Love is a delight in the presence of the other person and affirming of that person’s value and development, as much as one’s own.

Care is the source of love, to love means to care, to recognize the essential humanity of the other person, to have an active regard for the person’s development.

Without care, there can be no love – only empty sentimentality or transient sexual arousal.”

  • Rollo May, Existential Psychology

Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm

*In line with the love month, this morning, I had an opportunity to share the biological, psychological and behavioral perspectives of love, and somehow, unraveling the mysteries of love in scientific point of view.

On the biological perspective, since neurotransmitters are responsible for our behaviors, then we talked about serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin and how they interplay and their brain centers. I love this topic because I had a special presentation on neurotransmitters during our behavioral neuroscience lecture in the graduate school.

In addition, on the psychological perspective, Rollo May’s Existential Psychology were discoursed specifically, his types of love – sex, eros, philia, agape and authentic love which incorporates all forms of love.  (My next topic: Robert Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Love)

Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva RPm

Moreover, social learning theories of love were also given emphasis. Linking with the Moral Recovery Program of the Philippines, different manifestations of love that are rooted in Filipino culture, values and ideals that are pro God, pro people, pro country and pro nature were also explored.

Since love is a commitment and not just a fleeting feeling, then it inspires thoughtful action between two equals. There is no magic formula in love.  In my perspective, it is a decision to stay in love, to work as a team, and to complement each other’s strengths and to guide each other towards honing weaknesses.

Waiting for God’s Perfect Timing, while preparing oneself for a Godly relationship, is an exciting time for any single man or woman. So relax, serve God, and while performing God’s ultimate mission in your life, He will give you the desires of your heart. He knows who will be the one for you and who will be willing to pay for the price to have you. Since you are priceless, having you costs a lifetime. ❤

Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm (CUFI, February 7, 2016)

PDF version: FRANZ on LOVE


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