Villanueva Holistic Model of Intelligence (VHMI)

Villanueva Holistic Model of Intelligence (VHMI, March 26, 2005) 
“As Filipino, it is not how smart we are, it is how we are smart. It is how we use our knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the betterment of our society.” 

– Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva


Villanueva Holistic Model of Intelligence (VHMI) was formulated before I graduate from Batasan Hills National High School, March 26, 2005. VHMI looks at intelligence as a lifelong process and psychological assessment can be done in order to quantify it rigorously throughout one’s life. In addition, intelligence lies on a continuum; it is not an all or none principle. People posess different kinds of intelligence and they have the ability to acquire mastery on a specific skill or several skills when given proper motivation and when an individual is intrinsically motivated. If people were given a chance to hone his or her innate skills, then, he or she can excel in that field. Moreover, when people excel in a specific field, people can be inspired to follow him or her, and those people can motivate others to do the same. Thus, cultivating skills is essential in nation-building. 




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