Heneral Luna

Hanggang Wala Nang Bukas (Ebe Dancel)





* After another successful EMDR therapy with my client this morning, it’s time to relax and prepare for prelims (Part 1) in Advanced Abnormal Psychology. When my classmates and friends asked me how I maintain my “Positivity” despite having overload units and straight classes from Tuesday to Saturday in UST Graduate School, it’s now time to share my deepest secret: I always watch Heneral Luna music video.


It inspires me to become a competent, compassionate and committed Filipino Psychologist for my countrymen. In fact, after watching Heneral Luna with my family and friends, we did processing and reflections regarding the movie. It strengthens the impact of our love for the nation and they are also looking forward to more Historical movies in the future for the enlightenment and for igniting Filipino spirit among our youth. When I had a lecture last August 23, 2015 for the 119th Anniversary of Cry of Balintawak, I encouraged the participants to also watch Heneral Luna. It’s motivating to learn that our youth today are curious to discover Philippine history and its impact on the present and future situation of our country. 🇵🇭

Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm


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