Beep Beep

“The family that dines and bonds together stays forever.”

Pugao - Villanueva Family

Jake’s 24th

We had our dinner and birthday celebration at Gerry’s Jeepney.

I personally chose the place because I celebrated my birthday

in the same restaurant last year.

Birthday with Camil, Butch and Alexis

And surprisingly, the restaurant was relocated and I was amazed of its bigger place (it can now accommodate events) and it has more amiable ambiance.

Family Picture at the Facade

With Eva

We all had a great night, as confirmed by their positive feedback.

Their employees are also well-trained.

Happy hearts, and happy tummies indeed.

Yummy Foods at Gerry's Jeepney

Hello Kresh and Sky

If you are looking for a PINOY STYLE (Filipino foods) with affordable price and good service or if you want to try BOODLE FIGHT, then I highly recommend:

Gerry’s Jeepney located at 7 Maginhawa St.

Diliman, Quezon City

Gerry's Jeepney

“…Because a happy tummy can also be achieved

by having a happy heart.”



(c) Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm


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