The Perks of Studying in UST Graduate School


“The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away.”

 – Joy J. Golliver

When I was still a young lady, I discovered my calling. I joined a youth group in our community and became a volunteer teacher. It is a great feeling to motivate and to inspire youth leaders and to my surprise, so often that the students I am trying to motivate and inspire are the ones who end up inspiring me. Since then, I decided to pursue my passion, take a step higher, and to get a Master’s degree major in Clinical Psychology in UST Graduate School.

What are the perks of studying in UST Graduate School?

  1. You can feel the warm ambiance.

Every time I see employees or graduate students, I see their beautiful smile. It lightens up my mood.

  1. You can meet new friends.

Having professional friendships widen your horizon. You can even use psych terms to describe your feeing and to make people laugh using psych humor.

Yesterday, I received a very beautiful bag from Indonesia. It was a gift from my dearest Indonesian friend and study buddy, Marcella Aryono. She designed it with my personal quote, “Stay happy, healthy, and inspired.” The bag is a handmade product from Cincara and it was Cella’s sister who made it for me. The design is unique and very personalized. I am deeply touched by having a dear Indonesian friend as my classmate, and confidant. I believe we will have many adventures to come and I am looking forward to travel also in Indonesia after graduation.

  1. You are investing in a high quality education.

Since you want to invest in something that will guarantee a high return, and since all the courses offered in UST Graduate School are data-driven, complete and holistic in nature, therefore, I highly recommend Getting post graduate studies in UST Graduate School. In addition, the professors are accommodating and friendly. As a result, it really feels like a second home.

  1. You can relax after class.

In as much as merely walking along the lovers lane makes you feel relax and since according to Psychology of Place that having green scenery is better for one’s well-being, thus, studying in UST Graduate School is good for your well-being. You can also find yourself smiling as you observe the students doing their thing around the campus.

  1. UST Graduate School is conducive for all types of learners.

Since UST Graduate School has an environment that is conducive for learning with all the facilities and the lovely Latin Quarter in it and since the professors are competent and congenial, therefore, you can maximize your innate potentials and skills and you can also focus, reflect and contemplate which are essential for you to achieve Transcendence and to be in touch with God and His higher purposeJust like what I learned from Fr. Aureada, these are the valuable life lessons from St. Thomas Aquinas:

“To study is to pray and to pray is to study.”

“To contemplate and to share with others the fruits of one’s contemplation.”

 There are so much more in life after college.

“Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.” – Unknown

Continue growing, bloom where you planted, and always aspire for more.

© Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm


UST Graduate School, St. Thomas and Critical Thinking class with Fr. Aureada
UST Graduate School, St. Thomas and Critical Thinking class with Fr. Aureada

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