A Woman of Strength Knows How to Disconnect

Boracay, Philippines

How good it is that God gave us free will.

Our mind is powerful than we can imagine.

It is for our own good to decide on how to disconnect

from abusive people, distracting technology, and negative thoughts that no longer serving us.

One thing I learned from disconnection,

I discovered my real self and I appreciate the value of real life communication.

I learned that if people really need me, and if it is urgent,

they will contact me or reach me personally.

There’s so much more to life than social networking sites.

Technology should bring us together, not divide us apart.

When I disconnect, I found peace of mind and genuine happiness.

I was able to reflect and contemplate, and be with loving people who matter most.

© Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm

 A Woman of Strength Knows How to Disconnect


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