Hold On – Someone will Help You

“I think everyone at some point, goes through that one moment where they think “My God, I can’t do this”. But you know what? You can. No matter how close you are to the edge, no matter how badly you feel like giving up, or think it’s best to do so rather than have to put up with the pain – Don’t. Don’t lose hope that things will get better. Don’t give up, because there is someone out there who will make you smile in a way no one else ever could. Keep that glimmer of hope alive in your heart, because someone is out there searching for your smile. So wipe your tears and keep your head held high.”
– Brigitte (Lessons Learned in Life)

“After passing the psychometrician board exam, I felt motivated to continue my masteral degree, but this time, major in Clinical Psychology. Now that I am enrolled in UST Graduate School, I believe that God has bigger plans for me and He has ultimate purpose for my life. Being a Thomasian, the core values were instilled in us by our dear mentors: Competence, Compassion, and Commitment. Having compassion means having a servant heart to help others, regardless of the race, dialect, and other differences. I believe that I can be of support to people to bring out the best in them. It takes a brave heart to initiate and a collaborative effort to heal.”

© Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm


Signing to become a volunteer in UST Psychotrauma clinic is one of the great things that happen to me in the graduate school. This quote of Doc Johnny found in the UST Psychotrauma Clinic inspired me:

“We are accountable to our project partners, much more to the people we serve. But most of all, we are accountable to all of humanity.’ – Dr. Johnny Decatoria

Been a victim of abuse or any traumatic experiences? Feel free to visit UST Psychotrauma Clinic, or you may contact through: secretariat@ustpsychotrauma.org Or you can call at (63-2) 406-1611 local 4012 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ustgsptc All services are free of charge.


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