Topic: Ate Franz’ Guide for Choosing a Lifetime Partner

“It is indeed true that GENUINE LOVE WAITS. Single man/woman ought to pray to Almighty God for his/her blessed future lifetime partner. Identify your negotiable and non negotiable dating deals. It’s good to have certain standards. For ladies, you do not need to get intimate with every guy who approaches you. Protect your heart and yourself by having a personal barrier. And also, seek for your family/elders/guardian/support group’s advice to guide you to be more objective in dealing with your partner and in order for your relationship to stay stronger with God’s grace. Find a recreational/volunteering activity which you both enjoy and where you both become productive citizens. Discovering and reciprocating each other’s primary and secondary LOVE LANGUAGE will help you to support and to encourage each other more towards attainment of your dreams and goals and will guide you to improve/save your relationship that ought to last a lifetime.”
(c) Jennifer Francia Pugao Villanueva, RPm



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