Find Someone Who is Honest

Hernie Damo <3 Jennifer Francia Villanueva
Jennifer Francia Villanueva


Thank you Babe Hernie Damo for this surprise New Year gift. Feeling Loved 🙂

Hernie Damo ❤ Jennifer Francia P, Villanueva, RPm

Find someone who is honest. Honest with you, with others, and with themselves. You cannot love someone you do not trust. Find someone who willingly shares responsibility. You will be a team in every single sense. Find someone you cherish togetherness with. And someone who understands the importance of alone time. Someone who values your opinion. And remember the person you love is just as broken as you are when they fall short. No one is perfect – do not hold them to this standard. Find someone who is patient, forgiving, and apologetic. Find someone who makes it easy to feel grateful for everything. Especially for the love you have for one another.

Lessons Learned In Life


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